SherinaSherina Kight Hill smMeet the Artist, Sherina Kight Hill A beautiful life is a work of art Hi there! 

Thank you so much for your visit! 

I am Sherina Hill, and I am a Photographer, Artist, Registered Nurse, Professional Life Coach, and a Teacher.   My number one mission in life is to help people celebrate and enjoy their life, and if needed...also take the power back in their life. 

I am a founding board member of the East Alabama Birth Village...currently named Cradled Hearts and the Alabama Prison Birth Project. I also served on the board of Our House for Kids, Inc. So you guessed it.  I am a huge supporter of women, and children alike.  

I have always loved photography and art, but what I love even more than that is people.   So it does not matter which role I am playing for me it is the same. Connection and Caring.  The rest is easy.  

Since then,  I have seen many moments that made me catch my breath and some that took my breath away:  

  • Children being brought into the world,
  • Bride and Grooms first kiss,
  • and even school pictures that we as Mom's eagerly wait for.  

As a daughter, sister-friend, mom, and wife, and life coach, I know in my heart that no matter what we go through in this life,  beauty still surrounds us, we all have the liberty to take the ashes of what was left and start again at creating something even more beautiful. 

.... there you will find me taking it all in again.......inhale......

because your truly a work of art.  To connect with me for workshops, and training, go here.